In memory of Vanieta L Batman

What are we looking for in a quilt? ​​

Basically we will accept anything anyone is willing to donate.
The VL Batman Project's main focus is to provide as many quilts
as possible for children in the 12 to 18 year-old range. Just as a
general guideline I would maybe suggest something  around
55 to 60 inches wide, and approximately 70 to 75 inches long.
This is just a suggestion, not a requirement. If you are willing to
take the time to make a quilt to donate I am not going to dictate
what the exact size needs to be. I believe that all of you have just
as good of an idea of what a child in that age group would like and
need. Obviously a 12 year old might be interested in a different type
of fabric than maybe a 17 year old child would be, and of course
the size needed would also be different. Just think of what you
would do on your own for a child in this age bracket.

I do ask that each quilt being donated on behalf of this project have the VL Batman tag on it. You can see pictures of the tag on the quilts posted in the Gallery. Just contact me and let me know how many tags you need, and I will get them made and mailed to you. I also have a little note that I like to send with each quilt. It would also be really nice if you could submit a picture of the quilt to the VLB website so we can try to get it posted to the gallery.

I will be updating this information as time goes on. Right now I I don't know what I don't know. I am learning as I go. It is a project that I am very passionate about it, and truly believe there is a great need to help these children. I will keep you posted when we do figure out what will be the best way to get these quilts to the various centers. I guess a lot of that will depend on the response from the quilting community.

- Charlie Hendrix